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The Gandhian Era

The Gandhian Era represented a special time in Indian history when Gandhi was preaching for freedom and all of India was behind him in support. In 1919 the British government passed an Act call the Rowlatt Act. This act allowed people to be imprisoned without a trial or conviction in a court of law. This act was strongly protested against by all the Indian people and as a result it broke into a huge massacre in Jallianwala Bagh. The main reason for this protest was to terrorize the people.

Later on in 1920 Gandhi set up and let set up what was known as the non-cooperation movement. This started out when Indians decided they didn't like the way British made them say "sir" as an honorary title. As a result of this boycotts broke out again legislation, elections and any thing relating to the government. Indians began to burn the clothes of the British and soon khadi became a symbol for their freedom. This movment was an overall success. But unfortunatly ended sadly in February of 1922 when a violent attack broke out and Gandhi called the whole movement off. Soon after that Gandhi was put in jail.

Later on during this Era in 1929, the Simon Commission was form. The purpose was to see if there were any other changes that needed to be made to the government in 1919. But because all the members in this commission were all English the whole thing didn't last and congress decided to boycott it that same year that it started.

In 1929, under Jawaharlal Nehru as president congress started a resolution known as Poorna Swaraj, which means complete Independence. And on January 26 1930 India declared that day as their Independence Day, which would be celebrated every year from then on. After this day many changes occurred for example, all of India got together and together they boycotted foreign goods and refused to pay the taxes to Britain. This whole time period was a very emotional one for India, it was a day that they would all remember. And this was what ended the Gandhian Era.

This Era was named after Gandhi simple because he was a main part in the long struggle for India to gain back its independence from the British. He fought for what he believed in and what was right no matter what the consequences would be. He was a strong influence in India and will be remembered not only by the Indian people themselves but by everyone around the world because of his heroic accomplishments.